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Nicole Szálasi

Founder of fingerLINK®

Nicole Szálasi created the fingerLINK® brand in 2007 to teach touch-typing. Before that, she had already been working internationally as a freelance IT trainer with her own IT training company for many years.
And that was not without reason. Nicole Szálasi had learned to touch-type from scratch, initially on a mechanical typewriter, and later as a certified Microsoft trainer on the computer. She always benefited from being able to type very quickly and precisely with the word-per-minute rate of a first-class secretary.
Nicole Szálasi already used mnemonics for maximum learning success in her computer seminars. When she became aware of the topic’s importance, i.e., "writing quickly through touch-typing", she developed a software-supported teaching method based on her core area of expertise using mnemonics - fingerLINK® was born!
Nicole Szálasi's web-seminars are based on the fingerLINK®-method and were met with great enthusiasm nationwide in Germany. Since entering the market in Great Britain and the U.S. in 2020, she has been imparting her expertise internationally.
To date, fingerLINK® has taught thousands of people to touch type within a few hours in an ingeniously simple way. By doing so, it helps save thousands of working hours! Our experienced trainers are always friendly, positive, honest, reliable, and trustworthy. Seminar participants benefit from our many years of experience and our numerous helpful hints and tricks!

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Proprietor: Nicole Szálasi
Alter Festplatz 1
96135 Stegaurach, Germany

T +49 (951) 299 520 85
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