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Investing in work techniques

It is a tremendous time and cost savings for companies with computer workplaces when their employees are skilled in touch-typing. Up to 10 employees at a time will learn how to touch-type in just one day with the fingerLINK®-inhouse-seminar. The small groups allow our trainer to respond individually to the needs of your employees!
You choose the date and location for your event. In addition to a professional seminar, your participants receive high-quality fingerLINK®-training material, a special stand-up display (as a "cheat sheet"), coloured stickers as well as 180 days access to our fingerLINK® online exercise book, in order to continue practicing touch-typing they have just learned in the course helping them to increase their speed.
We offer follow-up support for your participants in the form of regular, free live online seminars. An examination with an official certificate is also possible at a later date on request.
After this intensive training, the 10-finger system may initially work a little slower. After a short time, however, the writing speed increases enormously and the speed of the previous old typing method is perceived as unusually slow.

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We can conduct all fingerLINK®-seminars in German and English. For a tailor-made offer for our fingerLINK®-in-house seminar please fill out our inquiry form.

Course description

Course description for the online seminar

Touch-typing professionally

Achieve touch-typing in only a few hours

Participants learn to link each key with a simple image; this method is based on the Ancient Greek mnemonic technique. Within a few hours, the participants will master touch-typing without having to look at the keyboard.                

First-class credentials

Well-known clients from various industries and nations have been benefiting from our expertise in our professional fingerLINK®seminars since 2007.          

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