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fingerLINK® Online seminar

Independent and smart learning

fingerLINK® is just the thing for you if you want to learn touch-typing online! This course aims especially at independent learning at home or your workplace. You decide if you wish to devote a special time of the day for this seminar or take a more relaxed approach.
With the help of entertaining stories based on mnemonics and linked to the keys, you can learn to touch-type within a few hours. Brain-friendly learning with the fingerLINK®method enables accelerated learning success. All further lessons serve to improve your typing speed.
If desired, you can consult a fingerLINK®-trainer in regular and free live online seminars (webinars). Discover how exciting and entertaining it can be to learn touch-typing with the ingenious mnemonics technology!
Please feel free to contact us if you need an offer for multiple employee licenses.

Price & Order
  • 180-day access to the full version of fingerLINK® starting from the first login
  • printed training material
  • Stand-up display and coloured stickers
  • Versions: UK, US, DE.
Course description

Participants learn to link each key with a simple image; this method is based on the Ancient Greek mnemonic technique. Within a few hours, the participants will master touch-typing without having to look at the keyboard.

First-class credentials
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Well-known clients from various industries and nations have been benefiting from our expertise in our professional fingerLINK®seminars since 2007.

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