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fingerLINK® Live Online Seminar for Companies

Learn touch-typing online with the support of a live trainer

Together with a trainer, you will work through the same content as in the classroom seminar - only online and in a virtual seminar room. In the fingerLINK® live online workshop, up to ten participants learn how to write with the touch-typing system within just one day! Thanks to the small groups, our trainers can cater individually to the needs of your employees.

We use Microsoft Teams as a virtual seminar room. In it, all participants and their trainers are connected acoustically and visually. The use of Microsoft Teams is free of charge for you during the seminar. We will send individual links for you to dial into our virtual seminar room in good time before the event starts. During the seminar, participants also study in their workbook in parallel on fingerLINK®online, our in-house learning platform.

In advance, all participants receive high-quality fingerLINK® training materials, unique keyboard stands, adhesive dots for the keyboard, and 180 days access to the fingerLINK®online writing trainer. On this comprehensive learning platform, participants can repeat all learning content as often as required. It offers extensive options for continuously increasing the writing speed and statistically evaluating personal progress.

In live online seminars via Microsoft Teams, participants are provided voluntarily with regular and free follow-up support. Upon request, an exam with an official certificate is possible at a later date.

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Unsere fingerLINK®-Seminare können wir in deutscher und in englischer Sprache durchführen. 
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Auf Basis der Mnemotechnik wird jede Taste mit einem einfachen Bild verknüpft. Nach wenigen Stunden beherrschen die Teilnehmer das 10-Finger-System, ohne dabei auf die Tastatur zu sehen.

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Well-known clients from various industries and nations have been benefiting from our expertise in our professional fingerLINK®seminars since 2007.   

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